Tuesday, 14 July 2009

How is this going to work?

I'm looking to string my games together with a bit of a story. To make this work, I have some ground rules:


1. I will make it clear which posts are "fluff" and which are inspired by actual games
2. I may include some behind the scenes information for the games - army lists and the like

Battles affecting the story
1. If a named character falls on the battlefield, he gets a 4+ save to survive to fight another day. This is modified by the result of the game. 4+ on a draw, +1 per degree of victory, -1 per degree of defeat. On a 1 he dies regardless, on a 6 he survives regardless.
2. Bad / Good luck will not remove the battle from the tale

Story affecting the battles

There may be some narrative battles, but that will depend on my opponents and whether they wish to get involved.

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